Welcome to Fast File Encryption

The Fast File Encryption is an open, very simple and well-designed file encryption solution for medium and large files (up to terabytes). It uses asymmetric RSA keys to encrypt and decrypt the files, in order to store the public key for encryption on the server, with no worries.


Create a new key pair:

>>> import fast_file_encryption as ffe
>>> from pathlib import Path
>>> ffe.save_key_pair(public_key=Path('public.pem'), private_key=Path('private.pem'))

Encrypt a file:

>>> original_file = Path('original_file.txt')
>>> original_file.write_text('Hello world!')
>>> encryptor = ffe.Encryptor(ffe.read_public_key(Path('public.pem')))
>>> encrypted_file = Path('encrypted_file.ffe')
>>> encryptor.copy_encrypted(original_file, encrypted_file, meta={'my-meta': 1}, add_source_metadata=True)

Decrypt a file and read its meta data:

>>> decryptor = ffe.Decryptor(ffe.read_private_key(Path('private.pem')))
>>> decryptor.load_decrypted(encrypted_file)
b'Hello world!'
>>> decryptor.read_metadata(encrypted_file)
{'my-meta': 1, 'file_path': '.../original_file.txt', ...}


Install Fast File Encryption using pip:

$ pip install fast_file_encryption

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